Operation 30 Delta
Operation 30 Delta, an operation overseen by Mexico's SCT found only 0.2% of the 20,934 transport workers tested to not be in compliance with workplace rules

30 Delta – Making Mexico’s Highways safer by ensuring truckers compliance with Mexico’s Transport Laws

During the Easter holidays, 30 Delta saturation patrols conducted random physical and alcohol/drug tests on truck and bus drivers to ensure compliance with Mexico's strict trucking laws
During the Easter holidays, 30 Delta saturation patrols conducted random physical and alcohol/drug tests on truck and bus drivers to ensure compliance with Mexico’s strict trucking laws

You know how some of us get all excited in June when the CVSA 72 hour Road Check is in full swing? Try being a trucker in Mexico during the holidays or really, anytime the SCT and Federal Police feel like rolling out their 30-Delta units.

The Ministry of Communications and Transport, through the General Directorate of Protection and Preventive Medicine in the Transportation (DGPMPT) oversees the 30-Delta units.

During the past Easter holiday, a heavy travel period equal to the Christmas holidays, the  DGPMPT  began operating 41 units and 298 medical doctors and paramedics nationwide to cover the main highway points, which allowed them the ability to perform 22,960 roadside medical fitness reviews during the holiday period.

DGPMPT units were active in the Mexico-Puebla highway, Mexico-Piedras Negras, Mexico-Cuernavaca, Mexico-Pachuca, Mexico-Toluca, Mexico-Texcoco, Mexico-Acapulco (Autopista del Sol), Cancún-Chetumal, Mexico-City Juarez and Monterrey-Laredo.

From 12 April to 27 April, the DGPMPT performed, random medical evaluations of passenger bus and truck operators to ensure that they are physically and mentally fit to operate on Federal and State highways

This is a general physical examination included blood pressure, heart and respiratory rate, glucose quantification, assessment of ocular reflexes, toxicological tests,  breath alcohol and urine to detect the use of stimulants, with the aim of ensuring compliance with Mexican transportation law.

They were also interrogated to determine if they had any unreported medical conditions, whether they had had the proper rest and days off work as mandated by health and labor laws.

And all this time most of you believed what ‘OOIDA. Teamsters and the bogus safety groups were telling you about no regulations, no safety oversight or medical and drug requirements.

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