21 Dead, dozens injured in Bus/Train Collision in Anáhuac Coahuilla – GRAPHIC IMAGES – Updated

PGR Forensics team investigates bus crash in Coahuila
PGR forensic investigators examine Transportes Frontera #4146 after collision with freight train in Anahuac Coahuila

A bus driver trying to beat a Kansas City Southern freight collided with the train yesterday resulting in 21 deaths including two children and 26 others injured.

Provide Assistance to Victims & Their Families

It’s the right think to do and Mexico Trucker Online, as we have in the past, is putting the call out to anyone that can, to help the victims of this pre Valentines Day tragedy.

We’re learning as this continues to unfold of the human cost of this totally preventable accident. One man lost four members of his family. Children, some as young as a year old were killed. Several pregnant women were on board the bus when it crashed and don’t know yet what trauma was caused their unborn children.

We’re also learning that many family members of the survivors are finding it difficult to travel to Nuevo Laredo where the survivors of the crash were taken to the cities excellent hospital, and apparently Transportes Frontera is not offering assistance, although under Mexican law, they will have to eventually cover the costs of the victims hospital and funeral expenses. No one can say when that will happen. It all depends on how politically connected they are and how motivated executives of the company are.

these are people, human beings and nationality matters none, in my opinion. That’s why we’re throwing this out to our friends, followers and anyone else who wants to help.

Administrative costs are ZERO for this effort. What does it take to post this appeal and distribute whatever funds are raised to where they will help the most. Nothing!

If this appeal is successful, the plan is to work with social workers at Department of Infants and Families (DIF) the Mexican Red Cross (Cruz Roja Mexicano) and if possible, the Diocese of Nuevo Laredo to identify those who would benefit from your charity.

Give it some thought and if you feel comfortable helping, please do so. If nothing else, share this article and this appeal on Social Media and among your friends

Mexico Trucker Online will be kicking in our share this week and we hope everybody will help us out.

The bus owned by Transportes Frontera #4146,, part of Grupo Estrella Blanca was driven by Jesús Carlos Fernández Rico, 39 who was transported by ambulance to a hospital in Nuevo Laredo for treatment of his injuries and placed in custody of the PGR who likely will charge him with 20 counts of manslaugther and other crimes against the public order. Accidents of any type in Mexico are treated as a criminal offense. According to authorities on the scene, Fernandez tried to flee the scene after the accident but was quickly apprehended by soldiers arriving on the scene.

De acuerdo con un mando de la Marina, presente en el sitio del accidente, fueron elementos del Ejército quienes lo detuvieron mientras intentaba escapar, “pero por su delicado estado de salud no llegó muy lejos, ya que corría con los intestinos de fuera”. [According to Marines who were present at the scene of the accident, Army troops stopped Fernandez Rico as he tried to flee, “but the delicate state of his health, he didn’t get too far. He was trying to run with his intestines hanging out”]

The bus had left Nuevo Laredo enroute to Santa Rosita Coahuila with 53 passengers onboard when it tried to beat the KCS freight across a crossing that was not equipped with guard arms. The bus is equipped to carry 36 passengers.

Rescue workers were still on the scene this morning recovering bodies and conducting the investigation.

This is a still developing story and we’ll keep updating it as news becomes available

 Lesionados y muertos (Injuries & Deaths) 

Hospital general

» Kendy Yamali Sifuentes Sánchez, 3 años
» Sandra Janeth Sifuentes Sánchez, 18 años
» Martha de Anda, 62 años
» Juanita Luna, 67 años, fallecida (Deceased)
» Hector Cruz Rodríguez, 50 años
» Beatríz Validez Hernández, 56 años
» Lilia Verónica Sifuentes, 29 años
» Eloisa Pérez Flores, 43 años
» Jesús, 5 años
» Ofelia Martínez Sánchez, 48 años
» Emily, 6 años, fallecida (Deceased)
» Lucila Villanueva Madrigal, 59 años
» Maricela Gutiérrez Alba, 35 años

» Desconocida femenina,  fallecida, de 20 a 25 años (Deceased)

Seguro social

» Rico Cabrales Quintanilla, 39 años

Clínica Especialidades

» Néstor Cervantes, 10 años
» Lesli Hernández, 16 meses
» Ruth Irasema Cervantes, 3 años
» Yaresi Cervantes, 19 años
» Lidia Carolina Solís, 20 años

* Para solicitar información de las personas fallecidas y heridas, favor de comunicarse a los teléfonos:

045 873 100 7140 y 867 7123030

Officials of Transporte Frontera’s parent company Grupo Estrella Blanco are paying for hospital care and funerals for the victims as they should and as is required by law, although no one is certain when that will happen


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